Artist Statement

I am an Ojibway playwright who is working as hard on awareness of family history and self as I am on my craft, as this, for me, is the only way I will be effective in my goal of writing theatre for and about people who live on the margins of society. The vision for my work is that it will resonate with people who rarely see them selves as connected to, or participants, in mainstream theatre. I have experienced firsthand the transformative power of theatre in my life and am striving to make it accessible for others. The transformation I am reaching for, with my work, is not that the people I write for and about will see their own transformation as possible, rather that they will see their own transformation as unnecessary for them to be worthy of representation and honoured as valued members of society. 


For more info on the playwright, click here:  Sarah Gartshore


For info on the performers, click here: Lanna Moon 

                                                                         Lois Apaquash