Laureen( Blu) Waters; Istchii Nikamoon- Earth Song

Cree/Métis / Micmac-Wolf Clan,  member of the Metis Nation of Ontario


Blu's family is from Big River Saskatchewan, Star Blanket Reserve and Bra’dor Lake, Eskasoni First Nation  Cape Breton Nova Scotia.

Full moon conductor. Traditional teachings. She has been a traditional counselor for most of life. She is a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 3 and a Sun dancer and a pipe carrier.

Blu is currently working at Peel Aboriginal network as a elder providing Traditional teachings and One on One Counseling, full moon ceremonies, and work shops. Blu is also currently working at Seneca College as a elder on campus providing Traditional teachings and One on One Counseling.

Blu grew up with her grandmother and learned about traditional medicines performing extractions, healings, and care of the sick and teachings. She was adopted by a white family. At 10 and grew up and lived in Parkdale. Blu spent many years in High Park, hunting geese, rabbits, ducks, muskrat, harvesting medicine plants and maintaining her connection to Mother Earth.  She has traveled to Nova Scotia to learn from Herbal medicine people and the Queen Charlotte Island in British Columbia where her brother is a Shaman. And medicine man.

She studied landscaping and Horticulture for four years and has studied herbal medicine. Blu was also the national caucus Representative for the Toronto urban aboriginal strategy for 5 years working with the community of Toronto and the Government. She also is a graduate of DeVry Institute of Technology receiving her business software, micro computer architecture, and A+ certification. 


Blu’s gifts include:

Traditional teachings

Giving traditional spirit names

Hand drumming

Song writer

Creative writings


Laureen (Blu) Waters will be present during the Mush Hole Project for consultation