Sorouja Moll has a PhD in Humanities (Concordia) specializing in the fields of Communication, English, and Art History. She holds a BA and MA in English (Guelph). Moll’s interdisciplinary research interests include the critical discourse analysis of sovereignty, nation, and memory in private, popular, and alternative media. Moll is working on her two SSHRC funded projects including Oral Histories of Mixed Race Women and the Integrating Knowledges Summit. She is a collaborator on the site-specific installation the Mush Hole Project. Her manuscript, All the Rage: The Trial of Louis Riel and Nineteenth-Century Media, is under contract with UBC Press. Moll teaches in the Department of Drama and Speech Communication at the University of Waterloo.


For more info on Sorouja Moll's installation, click here: Turning Tables (birch wood work in progress)