Artist's Statement

Now that there’s acknowledgement, an apology, and small payment given to some survivors who were subjected to the atrocities experienced at residential schools, it’s time to rewrite North American history books and include the true, hidden accounts of colonization and its consequences to its Indigenous populations.

The Mush Hole Project is historic at this time of Truth and Reconciliation, which is long overdue.

My installation is dedicated to my Grandma, Royal Eleanor Greene (nee Hill), who survived her time at Mush Hole and is now an amazing 101 year old elder, so inspiring and representational of some children who were able to overcome and adapt, their spirits, humour, and love of themselves intact. And many raised families of their own, although repercussions from past trauma has seeped into our generations.

But we are able to express ourselves now, speaking out, although mostly in English, yet unafraid, strong, and alive!


For more info on the artist, click here:  Kelly Greene